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Alliances Fight against COVID-19

Bornmine in early 2020 made an alliance with the social organizations “Puente y Coma” and “PYMO” , and joined the support of the organization “Entrelazando México” in which together we help to donate a certain amount of money collected to the cause of the fight against COVID-19.

Thanks to people like our clients who made purchases within a period of 3 months, we were able to donate a percentage of each sale made to the "Entrelazando México" foundation to help medical personnel with necessary materials and resources such as: gloves , covers mouths, goggles, and biosecurity suits, to combat COVID-19.

At Bornmine the issue of social responsibility is very important and we want to support society and the planet properly. With the help of organizations such as Puente y Coma, PYMO, our clients and with the help of our diamonds free from environmental impacts and social exploitation, we are fighting to make “A Better World, One Diamond at a Time.”

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