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Diamonds Created

Diamonds Created


We want to share the story behind these beautiful diamonds. It is important to know its creation process and the cause that gave birth to these gems.


These created diamonds are born as a result of a great environmental awareness on the part of the jewelry industry, due to the exploitation of the environment, the depletion of resources, war financing and social abuse that cause the extraction of mined diamonds. < / p>

For this reason, the diamonds created and cultivated are considered "Ethical Diamonds", free from any environmental damage, they are socially responsible and free of conflict.


Free of social and environmental impact caused by mining. BORNMINE diamonds are Conflict Free since they are created in a laboratory reproducing the method that nature causes, which allows us to obtain exactly the same composition of mine diamonds, but without affecting the human rights of communities.


Our diamonds are Socially Responsible since in their creation process we do not affect our ecosystem, nor are there financing of mines where exploitation and violation of human rights can occur.


Diamond mining has caused environmental devastation, severely damaging land and water, resulting in soil erosion and deforestation in areas where mines are located. In some extreme cases, the extraction of diamonds can collapse entire ecosystems.
Laboratory diamonds are ecological since they do not exploit the earth for their creation, on the contrary, they take care of the planet.

Using the same method that nature causes, our diamonds, created with a natural diamond seed and carbon particles, are exposed to high temperatures and high pressure, replacing the volcanic heat and atmospheric pressure of the earth. Basically, the process that nature performs when creating a mine diamond is taken and put into practice in a laboratory.

What makes these gems considered diamonds is because they share a certain definition, a certain hardness, and a certain chemical structure. In this sense, diamonds created in a laboratory are exactly the same as mined diamonds.


They have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as mine diamonds, as well as the same physical and optical properties. BORNMINE diamonds are within the 1% of the best diamonds, and are "Zero carbon footprint". They obtain the United States Certificate from “Natural Capital Partners” of the first 100% “carbon-neutral diamond producers” diamonds. referring to the energy efficiency used appropriately in its technology, achieving zero carbon emissions when creating the diamonds.

Created diamonds compared to mine diamonds have basically three differences:

The diamond creation time. A diamond created takes weeks, while a mine diamond takes millions of years.

Price. Due to the oligopoly of 3 companies in the mining diamond industry, there may be some demand control, in case the diamonds created are 100% fair prices that represent the value of the diamond. The traceability of the created diamonds is very simple, in the case of mine it requires more logistics processes. Due to these differences, the diamonds created are between 30 and 40 percent better priced than mine.

The diamonds created are pure in all their processing senses, they do not harm the environment, nor do they contribute to excessive work forces.

In fact, created diamonds, in some cases, have fewer impurities and defects than diamonds mined because they are made with greater dedication and care by man, making them brighter, whiter and more resistant than mined diamonds .

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