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T&C Valentine's Day Promotions

Active promotions for Valentine's Day Valid from January 15 to February 29, 2024.

When purchasing a Diamond worth $50,000 pesos or more, choose one of the following 3 options:
1) Free Basic 14K Solitaire Ring Setting in Yellow, White or Rose Gold
2) Piece of Jewelry worth 10,000 pesos
3) 12 Months without interest on card payments

Up to 20% discount on Jewelry select it

These offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions, promotions can change at any time and without prior notice, promotions are subject to availability of the piece. Lead time on stock pieces is 3-6 days and up to 4 weeks on engagement rings and custom-made jewelry.

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In this way, the user agrees to review said agreement periodically in order to stay up to date with said modifications. However, the above, each time the user accesses the indicated site will be considered absolute acceptance of the modifications of this agreement.

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    a) Any aspect related to the use of the website
    b) The information contained or available on or through said site or libel, defamation or any other conduct that violates this agreement by the user in the use of the indicated website.
    c) The violation of applicable laws or international treaties related to copyright or intellectual property, contained or available on, or through said website.

  4. Termination. LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without notice or notification to the user, to:
    a) Definitively terminate this agreement.
    b) Discontinue or permanently stop publishing the website without any responsibility for LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV., its affiliates or suppliers.

  5. Subsistence. These TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE, as well as any additional terms, constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and supersede any other agreement or agreement entered into previously. Any clause or provision of this agreement, as well as the additional terms, legally declared invalid, will be eliminated or modified at the option of LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV., in order to correct its vice or defect. However, the rest of the clauses or provisions will maintain their force, obligation and validity.

  6. No waiver of rights. The inactivity on the part of LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV., its affiliates or suppliers to exercise any right or action derived from this agreement, should at no time be interpreted as a waiver of said rights or actions.

  7. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction. This agreement will be subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws and before the courts of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

  8. Additional Provisions.

    a) The weight of the mounts is approximate. It can vary up to 2 grams.

    b) The time to make a claim for manufacturing defect in the products is 30 calendar days from the day your purchase was made.

    c) BORNMINE® reserves the right to cancel your order if there is an error in the price.

    d) BORNMINE® periodically publishes merchandise offering certain prices, this price corresponds to UNIQUE pieces, and due to this condition, BORNMINE® does not undertake to replicate them, so, at the time said item is sold, the offer is void ( Regarding the price) given this characteristic of the publication. BORNMINE® is not obligated for any reason to offer another piece at the same price since the pieces are UNIQUE.

    e) BORNMINE® reserves the right to change, WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE AND FOR ANY REASON CONVENIENT TO ITS INTERESTS, the prices of any published item, whether due to an error in the quote; because the promotion has been exhausted; or for any other reason, in any means of communication, whether printed, electronic, optical or any other technology, radio, television, website, and any of the means used via the Internet, whether search or social networks, but not limited to but not limited to, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Or any other social or mass or local communication network. It is not limited to the above, in addition to this condition including any other means of communication that exists or that may come to exist in the future.
  1. Delivery times. Delivery times provided by agents, or by information on the website, via telephone, email, verbal or any form of communication are approximate times, and may vary, so we suggest the customer to make their purchase in sufficient time to anticipate any delay. BORNMINE® is not responsible for any damage that the customer may suffer due to delay in delivery of the products, given the aforementioned condition. Delivery time after the order is placed is between 10-25 business days.

  2. Free Engraving: The "Free Engraving" promotion is for the piece purchased only at BORNMINE® and this will be for a certain time. BORNMINE® may at any time and for any circumstance, modify, cancel or condition this promotion.

  3. Shipping conditions for orders charged to Credit or Debit Cards, processed by telephone, email, chat, electronic, optical or any other technology.

If your payment is made by credit card, the only two delivery options available are:

1) Pick Up - Client: The client personally picks up the piece at the address agreed upon by BORNMINE®, located at Río Mississippi #308, Local C, San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, CP 66220, México, which may be modified at any time. at any time, so as to suit the interests of BORNMINE®. In case of change of address, the client will be informed.

At the time of picking up the item, the client must present an official identification such as IFE/INE, and/or Passport only. Identifications other than those mentioned will not be accepted.

2) Home Delivery: If payment is made by credit or debit card and the customer requires the piece to be sent to their home address, this must necessarily coincide with the address registered for billing in the issuing bank. the card with which the payment is made.

The delivery service is NOT available for orders that are paid by credit or debit card. Clients who require the delivery service will have to make the corresponding payment by deposit or transfer.

These provisions DO NOT apply to orders settled with the credit or debit card swiped at the physical terminal of the BORNMINE® corporate office.

  1. Advances. When a client makes an advance payment, they agree to pay the remainder of the order 100%. The minimum advance payment must always be at least 50% of the total value of the purchase order. The customer has 30 calendar days from the advance payment to settle their order. If the customer does not settle his order within 30 calendar days, an additional fee of 2% per month of the total value of the purchase order will be charged as a deposit.

    a) The MAXIMUM time to settle a purchase order is 90 days. In the event that the client leaves a pre-advance payment of less than 50% of the value of the purchase order, at the convenience of BORNMINE®, they will have 15 calendar days to complete 50% of the advance payment. If the client does not complete the minimum advance payment of 50% of the total value of the purchase order within that time, it will be canceled and his advance payment will be returned with a surcharge of 10% of the value of the advance payment.

    b) for deferred charges is approximate, so, in no case, does it represent the exact percentage, so it could vary in each transaction. If the client wishes to know the exact amount of the value of the deferred charge before making the charge, please contact an agent at the BORNMINE® service center to obtain the exact amount.
  1. Deferred charges. The calculation presented by the portal

The percentage for the charges represents the amount before VAT, therefore, at the time of making the charge, VAT will be charged on the amount charged for financing.

  1. “Interest-free months” promotions. It is the customer's knowledge that these promotions are based on purchases with credit cards issued by banking or credit institutions.

BORNMINE® at no time offers any direct credit to any client. All promotions that are available or may be offered in the future will be based on the prior authorization of your credit with the banking or credit institution that issues the corresponding credit or debit card. BORNMINE® is not obligated to obtain credit to the client nor has any responsibility if the banking or credit institution denies the client credit for any reason, therefore, BORNMINE® is not, nor will it be responsible for any denial of credit regarding purchase at and/or LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI DE CV

  • That said, if the corresponding payment authorization cannot be satisfactorily obtained from the bank issuing the credit or debit card with which the client purchases, the purchase will have to be canceled (with the reservation that the client offers another method). payment, such as another credit card, debit card, cash, bank deposit or bank transfer), this condition being reserved exclusively for the approval and acceptance of BORNMINE®.
  • The client agrees that by accepting the "Terms and conditions" (by checking the "I accept terms and conditions" box displayed on the site, before clicking "Buy") the client is aware of everything before described. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO PHONE, IN-PERSON OR ONLINE PURCHASES, SO EVEN IF THE PURCHASE WAS NOT MADE ONLINE, THE CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE TO APPLY.

25.1 The promotion will be valid for orders generated from the date the promotion started. For orders generated prior to the start date of the promotion, it would be necessary to generate a new purchase order for the promotion to apply. In the event that an order generated on a date prior to the start of the promotion already has an advance payment, the remaining and unpaid balance of said purchase order will not be able to enjoy, in any case, the benefit of the promotion. The full amount must be paid, and if the deferred charge is required, the corresponding commission will apply.

  1. From other promotions and/or offers. BORNMINE® periodically offers its clients special offers with specific validity, therefore, BORNMINE® reserves the right to make promotions with discounts or prizes; or delivery of items; or services in the purchase of a specific item in the promotion, this being a sole and exclusive power of BORNMINE®, therefore, it may also be terminated or canceled at any time it deems appropriate, in order to suit your interests. BORNMINE® declares in this clause that any purchase order made before (even 1 hour before the new promotion was published) will not be subject to any refund, so the sale made prior to any promotion cannot be cancelled. nor will any refund be made. Likewise, when the promotion concludes, BORNMINE® will not make any promotion valid once it has concluded.
  2. Interpretation and Compliance. The client/visitor is aware that, for everything related to the interpretation and fulfillment of this contract and/or purchase, the parties expressly submit to the competence and jurisdiction of the Laws and Courts of the City of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, renouncing in this same act any jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of their present or future domiciles.
  3. Anti-money laundering law. Bornmine® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV) is a company duly founded according to Federal, State and Local laws and fully complies with all tax obligations and the laws that govern us, due to this and in compliance with the new FEDERAL LAW FOR THE PREVENTION AND IDENTIFICATION OF OPERATIONS WITH RESOURCES OF ILLICIT SOURCE, which came into force in July 2013, so all our sales that could fall under article 17, section VI, will be subject to compliance with the obligations indicated by said Law. , which tells us that we must request the necessary documentation for full compliance with the Law described above. In this sense, the client will be requested:

Necessary Documentation for a Natural Person

  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Activity or occupation
  • RFC

Necessary Documentation for Legal Person

  • Registration in the RFC
  • Official Identification of Legal Representative
  • Proof of Address of the Legal Person (no more than 3 months old)
  • Declare the name of the Beneficiary (the user of the pledge), as well as the following documents:
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Activity or occupation
  • RFC
  1. Exchanges, Returns and Adjustments. BORNMINE® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV) under no circumstances refunds money. In the event that the nonconformity is generated by a cause related to the quality of the product received, the customer will have to comply with the following conditions to request an exchange, return and/or adjustment:
  • The original item must be in perfect condition.
  • The ORIGINAL certificate must be delivered and in PERFECT CONDITION.
  • The diamond renewal program is available indefinitely.
  • BORNMINE® reserves the right not to apply the renewal program for any reason, without the need to specify it to the client.
  • Any item other than diamonds may be exchanged within the first 30 calendar days from when it was purchased. As long as the item can be 100% restored at the discretion of BORNMINE® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV). Yes BORNMINE® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV). If you consider that the item cannot be restored, we reserve the right to refuse the exchange.
  • All decisions regarding changes and adjustments will be made based on these terms and conditions. Canceling any comment that any employee of BORNMINE® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV) makes to the client prior to the authorization of change and/or adjustment by BORNMINE®, whether verbal or in writing.
  • In the event that the client requires the product in a shorter time than expected for delivery, BORNMINE® may, at its discretion, provide a similar product to the client so that it fulfills its commitment, thus releasing BORNMINE® from any liability or damage that may arise. the delivery time could cause you. The customer agrees to return said product in perfect condition.

Adjustments on orders already delivered. If the customer wishes to adjust an order that has already been delivered, they may only do so once and within the first 30 days after delivery of the order. Likewise, the customer must pay for shipping to BORNMINE® at the address determined by BORNMINE®. Adjustments to the order that modify the part, require a greater amount of materials or generate additional work at the discretion of BORNMINE®, will be quoted and subsequently paid by the client. The delivery time of the order in this case will be at the strict discretion of BORNMINE® and any delay will not generate any responsibility.

  1. Failure to deliver the order. BORNMINE® will not be responsible for non-compliance with delivery due to the following causes: Natural Disaster; Delay due to the parcel service; Loss of Package (in external parcel and/or with BORNMINE® courier; Lack of existence of the materials by the supplier; Theft. It should be noted that once the order is delivered to the customer, there will be no responsibility for BORNMINE® .

  • When any of these cases arise, at the strict discretion of BORNMINE®, you may be offered one of the following options to request a new order:
  • Use the same amount of the original sale to purchase another item of your liking or choice that is in stock for delivery as soon as possible.
  • Wait again, the time necessary to replace the item you had ordered (or an item as close as possible to the one that had been originally sold with the same or similar characteristics). If the package arrives incomplete to the customer, they will have 24 calendar hours to report it. If they do not report it immediately, we will not be responsible for replacing the missing item.
  1. Extra sizes in rings. If the customer requires a ring larger than size 12, they will have to verify if we can produce it. In the event that, if it can be produced, the customer must wait approximately 20 business days for it to be delivered. For each extra half size, $500 pesos will be charged M/N
  • 5- $500 pesos M/N
  • 13- $1000 pesos M/N
  • 5- $1500 pesos M/N
  • 14- $2000 pesos M/N
  1. About promotions. Current promotions can be consulted on the page: If the current promotion is not found on the aforementioned page, BORNMINE® may refuse to validate the promotion that the client has.
  2. About the images and videos on the site. The Images and Videos that appear on the site are there for strictly illustrative purposes with the aim of showing the general, potential and projected characteristics of the products offered, however, they do not constitute an exact representation of the reality of the products or their characteristics. Therefore, BORNMINE® is not responsible for customer dissatisfaction based on said images and/or videos.
  3. About payments in the United States of America. If payment is made in the United States, the order can ONLY be delivered to the United States.
  4. About parcel deliveries. Parcel companies deliver to anyone at the guide's address. BORNMINE® (LAB DIAMONDS MEXICO SAPI de CV) is not responsible for the handling of the package after its delivery. If the delivery address is an address where there is a guard, receptionist, etc., the package will be delivered to that person regardless of the name of the package. It is a situation that is not in the hands of BORNMINE® and, therefore, it is not responsible for damage, loss, theft or loss of any order that is delivered by the parcel company.
  5. About titles and headings. The titles and headings of these Terms and Conditions are established only to facilitate the reading of the content of the contract, however, they are not considered part of the contract for purposes of interpretation and compliance.
  6. Updates. BORNMINE® reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason or circumstance, which may be consulted at any time by the client, through the website:


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