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What are Lab Diamonds or Created Diamonds?

Let's start with the basic question, what are these diamonds? Many people, hearing the words Diamonds and Laboratory together, can misinterpret their meaning. The first thing they think of is a "synthetic", "fake", "zirconia" diamond? Fortunately, all of these descriptions are false.

A lab diamond or created diamond is basically what the name says: A meticulously created diamond in a lab, using a bit of natural diamond as a seed.

The created diamonds are exposed to very high temperatures and pressures, where the carbon particles introduced form the diamond, using the same process that nature performs with mined diamonds.

For diamond lovers we have great news: “A created diamond is basically the same as a mine diamond, except for three and only BIG differences.

1) The origin : laboratory diamonds are created by man and not by nature, using the same process. Which makes them ECO FRIEDLY diamonds, socially and ecologically responsible with the environment and society.

2) The price: created diamonds are priced fairer than mined diamonds, up to 30% - 40% better price. Our prices are based on the market and not on the oligopoly of diamonds.

3) Its Purity: on average the diamonds created are purer than the mine diamonds. They have fewer impurities and defects than diamonds extracted in mines because they are made with greater dedication and care by man

For us, social and environmental care is very important. We are against everything that the collection of natural diamonds entails, including the exploitation of the environment and a great violation of human rights.

Our created diamonds have the same crystalline structure, physical, optical, and chemical composition as a mined diamond, except that these beautiful created or cultivated diamonds as some know them, are free from any environmental damage, are socially responsible and free. conflict. Let's leave what is his to nature!

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