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What is the meaning of an Engagement Ring?

¿Cuál es el significado de un Anillo de Compromiso?

For years, the tradition of giving an engagement ring is well known. An engagement ring is a symbol of union that two people are part of. In other words, it is what brings two people together in preparation for marriage.

Also, it is what represents an agreement of love and loyalty of any couple.

Where do engagement rings come from and what do they mean?

1.The Circle of the Ring

According to GIA , a gemological knowledge organization, it is said that the first rings came from the time of Ancient Egypt. These were created in a circular shape, just like today, to represent an endless cycle. In this way, their culture sought to represent commitment as something “finite” like the figure of the circle.


White, pink or yellow gold? Gold is a material known as the standard material for creating engagement rings.

It has even been found that it was widely used by the Romans in ancient times as a symbol of luxury and beauty in their engagement rings.


In Ancient Egyptian times, it was established that the left ring finger (the fourth finger next to the little finger) contains the "amoris" vein, which connects the body with the heart.

It is for this reason that until today, it is used on said finger to reflect that the symbol of the ring is connected to the heart of the person who wears it.

In addition to these rings being a symbol of love and commitment, it is very important for us to add a valuable meaning that makes them unique and special.

Traditionally and to the present day, it is given by the groom as a gift to his bride when she agrees to proceed with the marriage proposal.

An engagement ring is the step towards a marriage for life. Also, it is a memory of the bond established by both people before getting married and the desire to unite their lives to create a new one together.

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