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Bornmine: 1st Place in the Tec de Monterrey "Entrepreneurial Impulse" Contest

Bornmine, being a Mexican company, recognized for being the first Diamonds Created Jewelry in Mexico, won one of the most important Entrepreneurship awards from the Tec de Monterrey institution.

Obtained first place in the Tec de Monterrey “Entrepreneurial Drive” Contest. One of the Frisa Awards contests at the beginning of 2018.

All the companies that participated were evaluated not only for the innovation in their products and services, but also for the value they could generate for the community. Bornmine offers a better alternative for buying diamonds and jewelry to its customers through its policies and services, as well as its created diamonds.

At the time, almost no one in the Tec system knew the diamonds created, it was a complicated and fun challenge to publicize this brand that has come to revolutionize the diamond industry.

Bornmine continues to grow throughout the Republic and more and more people know and prefer a created diamond.

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