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BORN DIAMONDS: 10 Reasons to Choose a Bornmine Created Diamond

  1. They are physically, chemically and optically IDENTICAL to mined diamonds.
  2. They are diamonds ECO FRIENDLY! Free from environmental and social impacts.
  3. They have a 30% -40% better price than traditional mine diamonds.
  4. They are created using 100% renewable energy.
  5. They have international certificate from world-renowned laboratories, equal to mine diamonds.
  6. Born Diamonds are superior diamonds , more perfect, being created and not mined.
  7. Born Diamonds have ZERO carbon emissions in their creation! First 100% carbon-neutral diamonds.
  8. The traceability of the diamonds created is VERY simple and complete , while those from mine require long logistical processes and it is impossible to verify their complete traceability.
  9. On average, they have a higher purity than mined diamonds.
  10. They are unique diamonds and created for you, no two are alike.
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