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Fluorescence is a soft glow emitted by diamond when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) / black light. It is produced by the reaction between the energy of light and the atoms of the diamond.

Diamonds classified in the D-F color scale that are considered to have a high degree of fluorescence are sold up to 15% cheaper, since fluorescence is considered a defect. The effect on price varies depending on the degree of fluorescence, color and clarity of a diamond.


The brilliance emitted by diamond fluorescence is generally blue. The possible effects on fluorescent diamonds are that they can have a milky "milky" effect or a somewhat hazy "hazy" effect.


The visible effects of a diamond classified as “Faint” to “Medium” are only perceived by a gemologist using a special ultraviolet light.

With a "Strong" or "Very Strong" degree of fluorescence, the possibility of the diamond being affected increases. It can cause possible effects, such as giving them a milky "milky" appearance or a somewhat hazy blur.


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