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Laboratory diamonds in Mexico: The best option for ethical and sustainable jewelry

Diamantes de laboratorio en México: La mejor opción para una joyería ética y sostenible

Have you ever dreamed of sporting a beautiful diamond on your ring finger, but felt a little uncomfortable with the idea of ​​buying a diamond mined in some remote place that supports conflict and trafficking of its miners? If yes, then lab grown diamonds are the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about laboratory diamonds in Mexico, including their manufacturing process, their quality, their price and why they are an excellent option for ethical and sustainable jewelry.

What are laboratory diamonds?

Lab diamonds are diamonds that are created in a careful environment with specific variables and the most innovative technology to be grown in a specialized laboratory, instead of being extracted from a mine.

Lab diamonds are composed of the same materials as natural diamonds and have the same appearance and physical and atomic properties. In fact, laboratory diamonds are identical and even superior to natural diamonds that even the most experienced jewelers have difficulty distinguishing them with the naked eye (the only way to know this is by their identification number engraving done through a tiny laser). inside it).

How are lab diamonds made?

There are two main methods for creating laboratory diamonds: the high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) method and the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. The HPHT method involves applying a large amount of pressure and temperature to a small portion of a natural diamond or a mixture of graphite and a catalyst. The CVD method involves vapor deposition of diamond seeds on a base substrate and applying an electrical current to produce diamond growth.

What advantages do laboratory diamonds have?

Lab diamonds offer several advantages compared to natural diamonds. First of all, laboratory diamonds are much fairer in price than natural diamonds (more information here). Secondly, lab-grown diamonds are completely ethical and sustainable , as there is no need to mine them from the earth. Lastly, lab-grown diamonds have a superior and consistent quality, meaning that jewelers can guarantee that the diamonds they use in their jewelry are of high quality.

Are lab diamonds lower quality than natural diamonds?

Absolutely not, laboratory diamonds are not of lower quality than natural diamonds. In fact, lab-grown diamonds are of consistent and often superior quality than mined diamonds, meaning that jewelers can guarantee that the diamonds they use in their jewelry are of the highest quality. Lab diamonds also have the same atomic and physical properties as natural diamonds and have the same appearance.

Where can you buy laboratory diamonds in Mexico?

At Bornmine, we were the first jewelry store in Mexico to commit to sustainability and social responsibility, choosing to use laboratory diamonds in 100% of our jewelry and engagement rings.

Laboratory diamonds are an ethical and sustainable option for jewelry, since not only can they be zero carbon footprint, or neutral in their manufacturing processes, some of our diamonds use processes that extract impurities from the air to transform them during the process. process in creating these gemstones.

Bornmine is the best option in Mexico to acquire a diamond jewelry, we have a lifetime guarantee on the metals we handle such as rose, yellow and white gold in 14K and 18K, as well as platinum. Free insured shipping to all of Mexico, as well as free cleanings for life and free first maintenance for all our products.

We are the future of diamonds.

-Bornmine, future of diamonds.


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